GIS Skills: Custom Geoprocessing Tools, Remote Sensing, Web Mapping, Advanced Cartography, LiDAR, 3D Modelling
Project Planning: QA/QC, Risk Assessment, Project Reports and Presentations
Analysis: Spatial, Suitability, Statistical, Business, Data, Network
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access
Languages: Python, VBScript, C, HTML
GIS Tools: ArcGIS Desktop, Server and Online,FME, ENVI, QGIS, Leaflet, PCI Geomatica, Mapserver, Geoserver
Other Tools: MS Office Suite, Adobe Create Suite, MS Visio, MS Project, Visual Studio


Bachelor of Applied Technology Geographic Information Systems
     Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary AB
Bachelor of Commerce, Kurukshetra University 2013


Geo Applications and Systems Administrator ● Planet ● December 2017 - Present

  • Support the Application Development Team (includes managing servers such as Apache, SQL. NGINX etc.) and Operations in various GIS, digital mapping and remote sensing projects
  • Ensure that image processing workflows are running without any problems and working to create solutions when problems occur during processing steps
  • Satellite image processing and product quality control, including image orthorectification, mosaicking, and color-balancing

GIS Consultant ● Gurkanwar Sra ● Aug 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Provided a complete GIS solution to a client from data creation, maintenance to data analysis and mapping
  • Created an open source custom GIS application to geocode addresses using Google Maps API
  • Created interactive web maps using leaflet libraries
  • Data analysis for effective business marketing and strategies

Survey Assistant ● Watt Consulting Group ● Jul 2017 - Nov 2017

  • Performed as-built surveys at University of Calgary for powerlines, telephone lines and sewers using Sokkia GPS and Trimble total station
  • Assist senior surveyors in legal surveys for House Stakeouts, Real Property Reports and Grade Certifications around Calgary area
  • Assist in construction surveys for installation of utilities and as-built surveys

Technical Aide ● Augmented Reality Sandbox ● SAIT ● May 2017

  • Upgraded and fixed the current sandbox system to be used in summer camps and classes
  • Calibrated the software and hardware to deliver a working sandbox without any distortions
  • Wrote technical report and a manual for the sandbox including scripting in Linux terminal and the calibration procedures

Project Lead ● LiDAR and Bathymetry Topography Assessment ● Alberta Environment & Parks ● Jan 2017 - Apr 2017

  • Created a road map for the execution of the project by preparing project plan, budget and data assessment reports, QA/QC checklist and conducting applied research and use of Enterprise GIS
  • Developed custom python scripts and ArcGIS script tools to automate the LiDAR and Bathymetry data processing in addition to complex tabular data calculations
  • Using applied research, provided the idea of elliptical function and linear referencing to create bathymetry for all the rivers and used technical drawings to obtain the missing data for one river
  • Formulated project specific data validation methods to achieve best possible results
  • Designed and delivered presentations including one to the AEP - Policy and Planning branch, Edmonton

Project Lead ● Location Analysis - Calgary Public Schools ● Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

  • Prepared project proposal, project plan, QA/QC checklist and conducted applied research to get a better understanding of the Calgary Board of Education regulations for new school construction
  • Collected, manipulated and maintained spatial data to generate and validate results
  • Used ESRI ArcGIS applications performed geoprocessing and spatial analysis to find out effective new school locations
  • Used ESRI ArcGIS applications performed geoprocessing and spatial analysis to find out effective new school locations
  • Created a relational database in MS Access to store the data for schools, communities and school districts
  • Created and delivered map outputs, reports and presentations

Database/Web App Developer and Marketing Strategist ● Oct 2014 - Mar 2016

  • Provided database and web application development support to various clients using ASP.NET (VB) and SQL Server
  • Prepared effective and efficient advertising and marketing strategies for several clients

Data Architect ● V Make Celebrations ● Mar 2014 - Oct 2014

  • Designed the website and database architecture using MS SQL Server on new technologies to create an efficient and secure online shopping experience for hundreds of satisfied customers for the client
  • Relational database was created to effectively manage the customer data further to be used for business strategies

HTML and Graphic Designer ● Shekistical Studios ● Jun 2013 - Jan 2014

  • Managed and designed web services in HTML and Adobe Photoshop for a creative graphic and web design firm with over 70 happy clients throughout the world
  • Worked independently and in a team environment to provide effective customer service by creating printing and packaging designs and logos using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


Using Lidar Data in ArcGIS 10 ESRI
Network Analysis Using ArcGIS ESRI
3D Visualization Techniques Using ArcGIS ESRI
Field GIS: Collecting and Editing Data Using ArcPad 10 ESRI
Exploring Spatial Patterns in Your Data Using ArcGIS ESRI
Solving Spatial Problems Using ArcGIS ESRI
Creating and Editing Metadata in ArcGIS ESRI
Georeferencing Raster Data Using ArcGIS ESRI
Basics of Map Projections ESRI
Getting Started with Cartographic Representations ESRI
Working with Geodatabase Domains and Subtypes in ArcGIS ESRI
Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems ESRI
GIS for Humanitarian Mine Action: Georeferencing and Digitizing ESRI
GIS for Humanitarian Mine Action: Remotely Sensed Data ESRI
Python for Everyone ESRI
Managing Lidar Data Using LAS Datasets ESRI
Managing Lidar Data in ArcGIS 10 ESRI



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GIS Skills: Custom Geoprocessing Tools, Digitizing, Remote Sensing, Metadata Management, Advanced Cartography, LiDAR, 3D Modelling, Web Mapping, Data Validation
Project Planning: QA/QC, Risk Assessment, Project Reports and Presentations


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